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Hi all- I’m Nicole, another one of the (3) founders of The DIY Bar! My fiance’ Jeff proposed in December of 2011 after (just like Liz) 5 years! I have always wanted a fall Maine wedding and because fall of 2012 just seemed too close to pull off, we decided on September 2013! And now, here we are…4 months away. *gulp*

I started off thinking our wedding would just have a rustic feel to it- but over the past year it has evolved into rustic-vintage. Yes, rustic-vintage is a thing. Or maybe I just made it a thing. Oh well! Now that the date is in site, I’ve been busy with the details and decor…over the past year I’ve been collecting mismatched china, vintage tea tins and blue mason jars (window frames, vintage books, antiques, etc etc)….and now have to focus on the DIY elements (buntings and bureaus and paper cones, oh my!)

With every project I tackle, I’ll share my progress, photos and tips! I love looking at Liz’s photo inspirations (here and here), so thought I’d share some of mine- so you know what I am up against over the next several weeks!blog1


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