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Happy rainy Humpday, everyone! If today doesn’t make you want to stay curled up under the sheets re-reading Twilight and fantasizing about Edward Cullen, I don’t know what does.  Aaaaaaanyway, since we’re all here, let’s talk bridesmaid style.

I am a serious fashion fanatic, and so from the moment I started planning my wedding I knew my bridesmaids could not don just any old dress.  Not only did I not want them to be matchy, but I couldn’t bare the thought that they would even look like bridesmaids. If a high-fashion super model wouldn’t wear it strutting down a runway, then it isn’t good enough for my besties.  Since my wedding is a winter, black tie affair, my girls will be wearing floor length, couture rentals from Rent the Runway (please tell me you’ve heard of RTR? If not, see me after class. We have some discussing to do).

While their final looks are a secret until the big day, below are some of my favorites from the dozens of photos I perused of mismatched and high fashion bridesmaids.


sequins, perfect for those NYE weddings!


classic black, anything but boring


Molly Sims’s Bridesmaid Style

various pale shades for a formal spring wedding

various pale shades for a formal spring wedding


mixed colors, textures and prints for the whimsical bride


shades of purple at Khlomar’s wedding

Thoughts? Tell me, what are your favorite bridesmaid looks?