A guestbook is intended to be a place where party guests can leave the host a note, some well wishes, advice (be it marital, a new baby, housewarming, etc.), and/or a funny anecdote or story.  Looking back through the book later, we can remember who was there, as well as be inspired by the things people wrote.

If you’re planning a wedding or other event right now, chances are you’ve given a lot of thought to the guestbook.  Just type the word into the search field on Pinterest and you’ll get back thousands of ideas.  From photo books to wishing trees, there are countless ways to make your guestbook, and the guestbook table, fit with the rest of your decor.  We’ve rounded up our current favorite ideas below.

For Nature Lovers (read Rustic Types):


For the Vintage Affair:


For Visual Learners (i.e. photo books):


For Outside the Book Thinkers:


Need more inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest page for more guestbook ideas (and so, so much more). Already figured out what you’re doing? We would love to hear your ideas. Leave a comment below or tell us on our Facebook page!!

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