One wedding trend that is showing no signs of slowing down in the near future is having a photo booth at the reception. Photo booths are a creative way to get some hilarious shots of your guests- and let them have a little fun in the process- dressing up in funny costumes and playing with silly props!  There are two different types of photo booths- the one you rent and the one you can DIY! Both types come with pros and cons, so let’s break it down and help you determine whether you should buy or DIY!


Rental Photo Booth: The standard photo booth rental usually comes with several components- You get the actual physical booth, a variety of props and costumes, an attendant, and the ability to ‘print’ photos instantly.

photobooth rental 2 photobooth rental 1


1). No work required! Renting a photo booth is easy! The attendant does all the work for you; from set up to break down and makes sure things are going smoothly.

2). Souvenirs. Usually when you rent a photo booth, it comes with the ability to instantly print your guest’s photo strip- giving them a memory to take home, and most print more than one strip, letting you keep one for yourself to add to your wedding photo album.

3). Digital copies. Most rental companies will give the bride + groom digital copies of all photos taken during the event. Now you can post those ridiculous photos of your friends on facebook- score!


1). Cost. These don’t come cheap. Unless you’re lucky and score a Groupon, expect to shell out between $500-1200, plus some additional fees.

2). Everybody is doing it. If your wedding is bursting with originality, renting a photo booth that you’ve seen at the 12 other weddings you’ve been to in the past year sort of diminishes that.

3). Appearance. These are usually big, bulky set ups. If your wedding is on the fancy schmancy side- this might look out of place and awkward. And if your wedding has that rustic, old fashion theme to it, a hulking piece of equipment is going to look strange.

DIY Photo Booth

If you’re choosing to go the DIY Photo Booth Route, you’ve got some work ahead of you but the end result could be exactly what you want! From hanging picture frames to clever back drops, having a DIY photo booth at your event lets you be in control.

photobooth diy pic 2 photobooth diy pic 3 photobooth diy pic 4


1). Let your creative flag fly! Sure you might have to put some blood, sweat and tears into it- the end result is going to be a fun experience for your guests that seamlessly fits into the theme of your wedding. You get to pick how it looks, what props are available and so on. Plus, since you made it, it will be super original!

2). Cost. If you go the DIY route you can control what you spend- as much or as little as you want. You can use materials you have lying around to create the space and backdrop (old blankets, sheets, picture frames) – and you can dig through your closets to pull out old Halloween costumes or goofy shades to use as props!


1). Who is going take the photos? With a DIY photo booth, you need to factor in the actual photos! Are you going to set up a tripod with a camera? Are you going to hire an extra photographer? Have disposable cameras at the ready? Polaroid’s? A BIG detail that you need to have covered.

2). No Souvenirs. Unless you have a polaroid camera set up, your guests won’t get the instant satisfaction of seeing their goofy pic- or get to take anything home with them. Whatever way you go- having a photo booth at your wedding or event is a fun extra for you and your guests to enjoy and really captures some amazing moments!

Whatever way you go- having a photo booth at your wedding or event is a fun extra for you and your guests to enjoy and really captures some amazing moments!