We here at the DIY bar will take absolutely any opportunity to add a little glitz and glam to a project, and an invitation is no exception.  The invitation is the first impression that someone has of your event, so we think it’s a good idea to make that impression a great one.  For us it’s not just about the invitation, but the whole pretty little package it comes in.  While you may quickly tear open and discard an envelope to get to the goods inside, we will savor every moment of opening, especially if the sender took the time to make the envelope extra pretty.  So, if you’re looking to fancify your envelopes, we suggest you try our latest DIY! It’s actually preeeeetty easy…here’s what you’ll need:

diy env liner materials

Step One: trace the shape of your envelop on the back of your pretty paper. You’ll want to trim off a bit of the bottom so that the lickable part is exposed for sending. You can do this at the beginning by leaving off a bit of the bottom of the envelope in your tracing, or at the end and trim the bottom of your cut out…up to you!

diy env liner trace

Step Two: Cut out the shape!

diy env liner cut out

Step Three: insert the liner into the envelope and make sure it fits. Make any necessary adjustments.

diy env liner insert

Step Four: Once your liner fits in perfectly, fold the envelope as if you were going to seal it to get a crease in the liner.

diy env liner fold

Step Five: Attach 2 (or as many as necessary to get a snug fit against the back of the envelope) pieces of double sided tape on the back of the liner.

diy env liner attach tape

Step Six: press to seal and VOILA! you’re done.

finished envelope liner

See? How easy was that?? Now try doing over 100 of them…oy! Think you might try it? Send us a pick if you do, we’d love to see your take on this easy DIY.

Happy DIY’ing!

the DIY bar